Mastering all challenges

We work on projects of all types, sizes and scopes. At Trolec, we welcome challenges! We can provide you with the desired products according to the required specifications, no matter what your needs.

We have also implemented a number of large-scale projects.

Custom projects

CHUM (2016)

Project description: Fabrication of large motorized insulated dampers for the new Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal. Creation of new architectural and mechanical louvers (sightproof) specific to the needs of the project.

Challenges mastered: The project was executed in a very short timeframe and our team had to demonstrate effective priority management!

"We chose Trolec as our supplier for the CHUM projects. Trolec's service and the quality of their products have been exemplary. I do not hesitate to recommend Trolec for your dampers and louvers." -Pierre Desrosiers, Construction Manager & Business Development, Clermont Ltée

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Canadian Navy (2015-2016)

Project description: Fabrication, assembly and painting of louvers for Canadian Army frigates (warships). Trolec also manufactured sleeves and dampers.

Challenges mastered: Products meet military standards and have passed an independent engineering firm’s tests.

"We sincerely appreciate Trolec’s work. Noteworthy, among other things, was the effort, quality and efficiency of the team. We hope to work with Trolec again in the near future." -Mario Lamarre, Project Manager, J.P. Lessard Canada inc.

Société de transport de Montréal (STM) (2015-2017)

Project description: Design and fabrication of stainless steel louvers for several STM metro entrances. Trolec is a designated company for the renovation of all STM buildings.

Challenges mastered: Mechanical assembly of stainless steel louvers.

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Bentall Kennedy (2015)

Project description: Replace all the louvers on a building constructed in 1959.

Challenges mastered: Retaining the original features of the nearly 60-year-old building. Our team was able to carry out the project while respecting the building’s original design, all in record time.

Place Ville-Marie (2004)

Project description: Replacement of dampers and louvers on this landmark downtown Montreal skyscraper.

Challenges mastered: Retrofitting.

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Mont-Tremblant Casino (2008)

Project description: Fabricate and preassemble oversized louvers for this historic and architecturally unique building.

Challenges mastered: The finished product was preassembled in our plant to ensure full compliance before shipping to the worksite.


Aptalis Pharma (2012)

Project description: Design and fabrication of a mechanical, geometrically shaped louver for this Mont-Saint-Hilaire building.

Challenges mastered: The louver included numerous angles, and Trolec displayed its high-precision expertise to respect the constraints.

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Condos Le Belvédère - Repentigny (2014)

Project description: Fabrication of acoustic louvers for a condo building.

Challenges mastered: Trolec found the perfect shade of paint to harmonize the finish of the louvers with that of the building.

SKYSPA (2014)

Project description: Fabrication of louvers for the rooftop terrace of this open-air spa. 

Challenges mastered: Fabrication of inverted blade louvers used to hide rooftop equipment.

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Sobeys (2010)

Project description: Fabrication of drainable louvers for a distribution warehouse. 

Challenges mastered: Oversized louvers with structural frame.

Sheet metal

Trolec can manufacture the parts necessary for the installation and assembly of dampers and louvers, as well as certain specific formed or welded parts for a variety of applications.

Sobeys (2010)

Project description: Design and fabrication of insulated doors for a distribution warehouse.

Challenges mastered: Custom-made to customer's specifications.

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Condos Le Séville - Montreal (2014)

Project description: Fabrication of Hydro-Québec service doors for a Montreal condo building.

Challenges mastered: Continuous blade louvers with integrated louver door and removable threshold for easy access to the electrical room.

Ventilation penthouses

Depending on the application, whether for fresh air intake or air exhaust, or for architectural and esthetic purposes, we offer a wide range of extrusions and adapted structures in order to meet most project needs.

Hôpital du Saguenay (2011)

Project description: Design and fabrication of two ventilation penthouses for Hôpital du Saguenay.

Challenges mastered: Louvers with concealed horizontal mullions.

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Metro Plus – Marché Cardinal (2013)

Project description: Design and fabrication of ventilation penthouses for a grocery store.

Challenges mastered: Specialty shape louvers with compound angles.